ALLP is a non-profit, non-partisan 501 3(c) sharply focused on lifting up the Latinx Community nationwide through effective advocacy to achieve full inclusion in government policy and program decisions. We are a membership-based organization and we welcome anyone to join ALLP who shares our vision and mission.

Our long-term goal is to be a national resource to others who understand that all underserved communities nationwide have not received the full benefits of the Federal government’s programs and policies. We will accomplish this through entering into strategic partnerships with a wide variety of organizations, including corporations, universities, think tanks, and other advocacy groups.

Our MISSION is to inform and advocate for the Latinx community, and to inspire and arm Latinos with the knowledge and resources they need to pursue public service careers.


Carlota Espinoza

Board Member

Irasema Garza

President and Chief Executive Officer

Analco González

Board Member

Soraya Correa

Board Member

Gilberto S. Ocañas

Board Vice Chair

Irene Oria

Board Member

Guadalupe Pacheco

Corporate Secretary

J D Salinas

Board Member

Bill Valdez

Board Chair

Danny Vargas

Board Member

Dr Janet Lopez

Board Member

Jason R. Keller

Senior Technology Policy Advisor & Webmaster

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