Board Chair

Bill Valdez

Bill Valdez is a recognized thought leader in the Federal government who has successfully led science and technology programs, significantly influenced government policies in science, technology and government administration and has led efforts to modernize government programs to deliver improved mission value to American taxpayers and to create a 21st Century Federal Workforce.

Bill retired from the Federal government in 2014 as a career Senior Executive and became an adjunct faculty at American University’s Key Leadership Program, and began consulting with public and private sector organizations to provide strategic advice on a wide-ranging set of issues, including science policy and government modernization/improvement. He is also a Principal with Deep Water Point and advises government agencies and contractors about business development strategies, particularly acquisition strategies.

Bill is President of Global Innovation Associates LLC, which provides advisory services to government agencies and private sector companies, and is a senior advisor with the Advanced Technology Group LLC, which develops rural and remote community broadband and economic development solutions. He also is a member of the National Science Foundation’s Budget & Operations Advisory Committee.

Bill in 2020 co-founded the Alliance of Latinx Leadership & Policy (ALLP), which is dedicated to developing a pipeline of highly qualified Latinx policy leaders into the Federal government (www.LatinxPolicy.org). ALLP is a think tank and leadership pipeline program for Latinx professionals who wish to pursue a career in public service.

Bill was the President of the Senior Executives Association (SEA) from 2016-2020 and focused on strengthening the Senior Executive Service (SES) through legislative and policy initiatives, building a leadership pipeline for the Executive Branch, working with a broad range of good government groups to modernize the civil service, restoring a public service ethic to the Federal government, and developing policies/programs that will promote the Future of Work, the Workplace and Workforce in the Federal government through innovative tools such as AI/RPA and shared services.

His career with the Department of Energy spanned over 20 years and he held the positions of Director, DOE Office of Economic Impact; DOE’s Chief Diversity Officer; Director of Business Services, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; and Director of Planning and Analysis, and Director for Workforce Development within DOE’s Office of Science. During this time, Bill became an expert in both programmatic and policy development, along with the operational side of the house including budget development/execution, HR, procurement, and IT.

Bill received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Texas and his Master of Arts in International Economics and Energy Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Bill is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and received the Presidential Rank Award (Meritorious) for his advancements in public policy analysis.