Policy Advocacy.

” Policy Advocacy on Behalf of the Latino Community.”

Our policy advocacy takes many forms, including:

  • Sponsoring platforms which Latinx Policy Experts can advocate from, including ALLP roundtables, workshops, and national meetings.
  • Promoting Latinx Policy Experts in mainstream policy avenues, including news media, think tanks, universities, government-sponsored forums, and Congressionally-sponsored forums.
  • Creating a national network of Latinx Policy Experts who are available to discuss all Federal policies and programs of critical importance to the Latino Community nationwide.
  • Supplying ALLP Policy Experts with data-driven research and analysis that supports their advocacy effort.

Policy advocacy on behalf of the Latinx Community will unlock the doors to the $3.2 Trillion in Federal funding of social services and other benefits that are currently not being fully delivered to our community.