Alliance of Latino Leadership & Policy

Who We Are

The Alliance of Latino Leadership and Policy (ALLP)

In 2020, a pioneering group of national Latino Leaders founded the Alliance of Latino Leadership and Policy (ALLP) to expand inclusion and participation of Latinos in public service.


We believe that equitable representation in the formulation of public policy is an important democratic principle and that diversity in the policy decision process is a national strength.


is to inform and advocate for the Latino community, and to inspire and arm Latinos with the knowledge and resources they need to pursue public service careers



is a future where all public sector policies and programs reflect the perspectives and address the needs of the U.S. Latino community.

Why we are different

We see the Latino community as a long neglected, but potent national resource.

OLD Thinking

  • The Latino Community is a “sleeping giant” that won’t wake itself up.
  • The Federal government is doing everything it can to address historic Latino underrepresentation.
  • Non-Latino policymakers in D.C. are capable of representing the viewpoints of the Latino Community.
  • A network of Latino Policy Experts and Leaders does not currently exist.

OUR Thinking

  • The Sleeping Giant has awoken and we are demanding our fair share of the Nation’s bounty.
  • The Federal government has failed to increase Latino representation in the Federal government and ALLP works to address this underrepresentation.
  • Latino inclusion in policy making decisions of the Federal government allows the development of programs and services that are responsive to the needs of the Latino Community.
  • There is an expansive national network of Latino policy experts who represent a broad range of disciplines who must be included in the national discourse.

The Challenges We are Resolving

Federal government policies, programs and funding have evolved over the past 200+ years through a complex interplay between state and local governments, the private sector (corporations, small businesses) and the non-profit sector (health providers, universities, etc.). Those who know how to navigate these choppy waters are rewarded with policies, programs and funding that benefits their communities. The Latino Community has been systematically denied the full opportunity to participate in these processes, to the detriment of our community.

To resolve these challenges, ALLP will:

  • Advocate for the Latino Community in the DC policy debates.
  • Provide platforms for Latino Policy Leaders & Experts to advocate for current and future Federal government funding and policies that benefit our Community.
  • Train the next generation of Latino Policy Leaders & Experts who will lead the effort to bring the benefits of Federal programs and policies to our Community.
  • Sponsor research that supports these advocacy efforts.

Do you know how you can help?